Improve your climbing and bouldering

Get stronger. Climb harder.

Improve your climbing and bouldering with targeted workouts and training plans.

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Workouts for Climbers

Workouts for Climbers

Specific workouts that help you become a better climber and improve your fitness.

Specific Exercises

Our workouts are targeted specifically for climbers and improve climbing related strength, endurance and mobility.

Antagonist Training

Include antagonist exercises in your training to prevent injuries and allow your body to use it’s full strength.

Training Plans

Training Plans

Training plans for beginner and intermediate climbers to get you started with structured training.

Workouts of the Pros

Get to know the exercises professional climbers use to improve their performance and prevent injuries.

Weekly Schedule

Follow the weekly plan and always know exactly what to work on. Have commitment with a busy schedule.


See your performance increase and stay motivated. Get to the next level with harder workouts and new skills.

Better performance. Fewer injuries.

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